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Capeco is looking for an office administrator

Posted on March 27, 2014

Capeco Development Company focus is primarily directed to vast residential projects, of which some have commercial extensions. Our goal is to provide a combination of affordability with design, functionality and sustainability into our Port Elizabeth designs. We strive to separate ourselves from the others by offering a different approach to service and delivery resulting in greater value for our clients.

Capeco Development Company is searching for a highly self-motivated candidate to join our energetic team to fill this position.

TO START: May 15th 2014

SALARY: Negotiable


  1. Performing bank payments of all companies of the group (after invoice approvals done by financial manager)
  2. Managing current account versus investment accounts of all bank accounts of the group
  3. Keep track of bank interest payments and  bank account status
  4. Doing quotations for office materials, maintenance materials
  5. Keeping list of internal office assets
  6. Managing and preparing weekly quotation process and filing    of signed quotes
  7. Compiling budgets and reports for general internal projects (cottage renovations, tree removal teams,…)
  8. Keeping loan contracts of various intra-companies up to date
  9. Booking of flights, accommodation and cars for shareholders and directors
  10. Organisation of office and  show-houses (cleaning, maintenance, gardening, material)
  11. Picking up phone and dispatching
  12. Organizing pick-ups, signatures, papers, copies
  13. Handling of Petty Cash
  14. Collecting Post once a week
  15. Coordinating of personnel contracts
  16. Managing Stock Control systems
  17. Managing Capeco petrol usage budgets and reports


  1. MINIMUM QUALIFICATION: Matric Certificate
  2. Own, reliable transport is essential
  3. Candidates must be efficient in Microsoft Office, mainly Microsoft word, Microsoft excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.
  4. Knowledge of managing company bank accounts, interest calculations
  5. Very good with numbers
  6. Extremely extrovert, assertive on phone and with suppliers
  7. Other computer program knowledge will be beneficial.
  8. Good organisational and programming skills are essential and will form a very integral part of this positions day to day functions.

Candidates are to forward their CV’s to by the 15th of April 2014.

If an application has not received a response by the 25th April 2014, then consider the application to be unsuccessful.

eastern cape rising from ashes

Eastern Cape Property Market rising from the ashes

Posted on August 4, 2013

The renowned REIM property magazines dedicates an article on the take-up of the Eastern Cape Property market in its July 2013 issue:

“There has definitely been robust growth this year. In fact it started last year, after a very flat 2011. In 2006 residential property growth was up to 25%, but because of the recession we experienced a negative growth rate. But we are definitely coming out of that now. Although economists say nationally we are still in a bad place in terms of residential property growth, in the Bay we are coming out of that, although the growth is very area-based also very dependent on what has been done to the house.”

The last month of April was a record month for agents, which shows that business is finally improving.
Capeco’s phase 1 houses of Pine Row and apartments of Pine Creek were fully sold out in april; with phase 2 being launched for sales in August.

Also other areas are clocking growth, one of them being the suburbs bordering Coega:

“With the take-off of business in the Coega Industrial Development Zone, where companies such as Famous Brands are setting up R400 million factories and the anticipated PetroSA oil refinery is mooted for the area, the residential property market has been reignited. The developments at Coega have seen an influx of wealth from outside the city – from SA and abroad – as top businesses relocated top experts to their operations at Coega. This has seen areas like Uitenhage and Despatch experience booms in residential demand, as contractors move to the city for projects at Coega. The trend has been even more pronounced in the suburb immediately bordering Coega, Motherwell NU5 and NU6.  There used to be uncertainty around Coega, but now that it is taking off and people are buying instead of renting,” he said. “With Coega, we are going to see more of an influx of high earning foreigners to the Bay.”

Read the full Reim July article here.

eastern cape rising from ashes




Tourism real estate and office rental prices picking up

Posted on

The Herald dedicated a piece on the Port Elizabeth Tourism Industry and the Govan Mbeki upgrades leading to a surge of interest in tourism real estate and office rental prices increases.

“Despite the challenging global economic times and unemployment rate, the tourism industry is one of the jewels that needs to be unlocked in our city.”
“The 2005 upgrade of Govan Mbeki Avenue is finally paying off, with buildings getting fuller by the day and rental per square metre increasing.
“These are significant signs of post-revitalisation and urban renewal in the city. A total of 70% of private sector upgrades in the city centre were the result of MBDA developments.

Capeco has unique positions for office/commercial rental development in Govan Mbeki and will be launching unique leisure residential developments on a new location in the Lorraine neighbourhoud.

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Leanne Wright_square

Welcome Leanne !

Posted on July 19, 2013

We at Capeco team are happy to welcome our new staff member Leanne Wright.

In 2008 Leanne pursued her creative side and studied B-Tech Degree in Interior Design at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.  In her spare time she broadened her skills by attending to private house and office renovations. Leanne completed her Interior Design internship at reputable firms in Port Elizabeth.

Giving back to her local community, Leanne had the opportunity to  participate, design, organize and raise funds in 2009 for the Eastern Province Children’s home renovation; 2010 Walmer Township School Stage Design and 2011 Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Graduate Fashion Show Design in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

She’s an energetic, talented and driven Interior Designer with a real passion for design, capable of seeing the potential in ruined or flawed spaces to develop beautiful, functional and emotionally pleasing environments while delivering a first class rate service to all clients.

We are excited to have her in our team, and we believe that she can use her Interior Design skills and talents in making the Capeco Development Company reach new heights.


Welcome to the Maces, new owners of the first Pine Row house!

Posted on July 16, 2013

Capeco and Rennasance Construction would like to welcome Mr & Mrs Mace to Pine Row, the new proud home owners of unit 2085. The Maces received their new house keys on Friday 28th June. Capeco and Rennasance Construction wish you and your family all the best for the future in your new home.

Pine Row residential development consists of 12 semi-attached houses in Elsa Joupert Street in Port Elizabeth. Capeco in construction through partnership with Rennassance Construction is launching a product that will make buying your own home a little easier.

Follow the works from nearby and get to know more about this project in this photo gallery on Flickr.

The Mace Family


Ascot Estate providing stables for the local horses!

Posted on June 14, 2013

Since January 2012 Capeco Development Company has been proud to lease Ascot Estate stables and paddocks to Elizabeth Mary Grobler. Better known as Libby to the locals in Port Elizabeth and the riding community she was born in the UK in 1952 and has resided in South Africa for the past 6 years.

Been a great outdoor lover Libby’s passion for horses started as early as from the age of 8 years old, and has been participating and riding for the past 45 years. The Ascot Estate boast well maintained paddocks and stables, consisting of 10 stables, 1 fodder room, a lunging arena and four large paddocks that have been sub divided for the 13 horses that are stabled with her.

Libby owns 2 of her own horses, National Guard a 6 year old gelding that was born on the Ascot Estate and True West a 4 year old mare. These 2 horses have been trained by Libby to be sold to potential riders. Libby unfortunately does not keep her horses, but provides a service of stabling and training up of the horses.  Libby was the proud owner of Heart Break Hill, a 4 year old gelding been the only South African horse to qualify in the Eventing and discipline category for the 2012 Olympics.

Libby and her fellow riders will be participating in the South African Pony Rider event at the end of this month. The event is being hosted at the Port Elizabeth Riding Club.

Ascot Estate not only offers stabling facilities, the estate offers a selection of residential opportunities from freehold plot and plan options to sectional title schemes and freehold gentleman sites, all offering splendid, sweeping views of Port Elizabeth. Capeco Development Company and Ascot Estate are proud to always include and provide magnificent grounds to the local riders and their horses.


Pine Creek Village apartment complex getting shape

Pine Creek Village first phase already sold out!

Posted on May 21, 2013

Phase 1 of Capeco‘s Pine Creek Village apartment complex is sold out!
42 units still available in the next 2 phases.

Lookout for the next 6 exclusive units to be constructed shortly and follow the works from nearby in our Pine Creek Village photo gallery on Flickr to learn more about this project.

The owners of the first 8 units will be receiving there keys already on the 1st of August.

Don’t wait to contact us via our online contact form or
call us now on   086 122 7326   so you don’t miss out on the launch prices.

For more information also go to our project site at

130116 Circular Drive - Phase 1 - Pine Creek Village - works (small) (1)

Phase 1 of Pine Creek Village started !

Posted on January 22, 2013

The construction of Phase 1 of Capeco‘s Pine Creek Village apartment complex has begun on Circular Drive.
Follow the works from nearby and get to know more about this project in it’s photo gallery on Flickr.

Expect delivery of the first 8 units in July 2013.
Dont wait to contact us via our online contact form or
call us now on   086 122 7326   so you don’t miss out on the launch prices.

Only 8 units!

Capeco is looking for an Architectural Technician / Commercial Support (B-tech / diploma)

Capeco is looking for an Architectural Technician / Commercial Support (B-tech / diploma)

Posted on January 10, 2013

Capeco Development Company is searching for a highly self-motivated candidate to join our energetic team to fill the position responsible for preparing and administrating construction documentation as well as coordinating on-site meetings and performing first-line contact with Home Owners Associations, lawyers and municipal departments for our residential projects.

The candidate will also administrate on a daily basis the online communication (WordPress sites, Twitter, Facebook) of Capeco; technical backup/assistance will be provided.

The successful candidate must be familiar with day to day office functions outside of his or her job description as well as performing all duties directly associated with the architectural profession and construction procedures.

Skill requirements:

•   He or she must have a minimum of 3 years experience and must be
•   efficient in AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Photoshop and Microsoft office.
•   Knowledge and Competence Certificate of the new SANS 10400 XA
•   regulations is a must. He or she must also be registered with SACAP and
•   have a valid registration number.
•   Preference will be given to candidates who have on site experience and
•   extensive knowledge of other graphics and construction industry related
•   computer programs.
•   Extremely communicative, outgoing and excellency in written skills
•   (contracts, mail, online).

Own transport is a must.
Salary negotiable.
Please email CV’s to

A portfolio and relevant references to be produced if called for an interview.

If you have not received a response in 10 days, consider your application to be unsuccessful.

Logo Pinelands

Did you already hear about Pinelands?

Posted on December 21, 2012

If you are looking for a house or apartment, then join the many people calling us for  Pine Row and Pine Creek Village.

People looking to buy a plot in the same exclusive cluster should have a look to Pinelands. This development area of Capeco is composed of serviced plots and unserviced clustered on a top location at Circular Drive in Port Elizabeth.  Pinelands offers affordable serviced plots for individual buyers as well as serviced and unserviced clusters for constructors, developers or firms interested in a commercial opportunity.

Awaiting the launch of our official project website, yet take a look at our map under to get an overall view of what we have to offer.

Getting eager to know more, and already want to get your own plot out there? Get in touch with one of our architects via our online form or simply call them on 086 122 7326.