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Construction of 117 apartments as part of our Pinelands project to start in September 2012 in Port Elizabeth,

Now is exactly the right time to buy home property in Port Elizabeth

Posted on July 13, 2012

Property 24 reports on the extreme affordability of Port Elizabeth Home Market prices and the slow but discemible upswing from most Cape Town agents, which typically advances six to nine months to the Port Elizabeth home market.

Prices have dropped 10-35% from their 2007 highs and at current levels property in Port Elizabeth is now at an exceptionally good value at levels that will definitely never be seen again.
“With a further 0,5% to 1% interest rate cuts almost certain to take place before the end of this year, many buyers in the property market who have remained hesitant should be thinking again. Now is exactly the right time to buy if you want an investment, that five years from now, will look extremely good indeed.”

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