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Tourism real estate and office rental prices picking up

Posted on August 4, 2013

The Herald dedicated a piece on the Port Elizabeth Tourism Industry and the Govan Mbeki upgrades leading to a surge of interest in tourism real estate and office rental prices increases.

“Despite the challenging global economic times and unemployment rate, the tourism industry is one of the jewels that needs to be unlocked in our city.”
“The 2005 upgrade of Govan Mbeki Avenue is finally paying off, with buildings getting fuller by the day and rental per square metre increasing.
“These are significant signs of post-revitalisation¬†and urban renewal in the city. A total of 70% of private sector upgrades in the city centre were the result of MBDA developments.

Capeco has unique positions for office/commercial rental development in Govan Mbeki and will be launching unique leisure residential developments on a new location in the Lorraine neighbourhoud.

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