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Capeco is looking for an office administrator

Posted on March 27, 2014

Capeco Development Company focus is primarily directed to vast residential projects, of which some have commercial extensions. Our goal is to provide a combination of affordability with design, functionality and sustainability into our Port Elizabeth designs. We strive to separate ourselves from the others by offering a different approach to service and delivery resulting in greater value for our clients.

Capeco Development Company is searching for a highly self-motivated candidate to join our energetic team to fill this position.

TO START: May 15th 2014

SALARY: Negotiable


  1. Performing bank payments of all companies of the group (after invoice approvals done by financial manager)
  2. Managing current account versus investment accounts of all bank accounts of the group
  3. Keep track of bank interest payments and  bank account status
  4. Doing quotations for office materials, maintenance materials
  5. Keeping list of internal office assets
  6. Managing and preparing weekly quotation process and filing    of signed quotes
  7. Compiling budgets and reports for general internal projects (cottage renovations, tree removal teams,…)
  8. Keeping loan contracts of various intra-companies up to date
  9. Booking of flights, accommodation and cars for shareholders and directors
  10. Organisation of office and  show-houses (cleaning, maintenance, gardening, material)
  11. Picking up phone and dispatching
  12. Organizing pick-ups, signatures, papers, copies
  13. Handling of Petty Cash
  14. Collecting Post once a week
  15. Coordinating of personnel contracts
  16. Managing Stock Control systems
  17. Managing Capeco petrol usage budgets and reports


  1. MINIMUM QUALIFICATION: Matric Certificate
  2. Own, reliable transport is essential
  3. Candidates must be efficient in Microsoft Office, mainly Microsoft word, Microsoft excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.
  4. Knowledge of managing company bank accounts, interest calculations
  5. Very good with numbers
  6. Extremely extrovert, assertive on phone and with suppliers
  7. Other computer program knowledge will be beneficial.
  8. Good organisational and programming skills are essential and will form a very integral part of this positions day to day functions.

Candidates are to forward their CV’s to by the 15th of April 2014.

If an application has not received a response by the 25th April 2014, then consider the application to be unsuccessful.

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